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tv   Lockup New Mexico  MSNBC  August 31, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> i think i'm in for over a year. this has been building and building and building and building. sometimes this is the only way people listen. >> this is the end of the line. this is level six. he's not going to leave this prison. all the bad apples are here. >> take a calf, put him in the corner. put a pit bull in here, he's going to react, come out of the corner, you know.
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the penitentiary of new mexico houses both low-level and maximum security inmates. the most dangerous and notorious are held in level six. >> you want to make me look like the monster. i've been here over 2 1/2 years. i never did nothing. i don't disrespect nobody. i don't cause no problems or nothing, but just because i'm small and able to slip the handcuffs any time i want, i'm a problem.
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i got locked up when i was about 10 1/2. i got grand theft auto. i've been to probably over 30 prisons. probably around 20 in florida. six or seven in oklahoma. three here. i don't get in trouble. i don't disrespect anybody. cops come to my door. i'm always, yes, sir, no, sir. yes, ma'am, no, ma'am. i don't disrespect nobody. i've made my mistakes and did some stupid stuff when i was young. but hurt somebody to where they went to the hospital and ended up dying later on, you know, but never been charged with murder. a lot of people, like, the first thing they think about me is they think about somebody like mcgyver or something. because i stabbed somebody with some jolly ranchers. i took a bunch of jolly ranchers off the canteen, melted it down
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into a cone, let it get hard like a rock, and it's like a piece of -- it's actually stronger than glass. i could slit this cup right now and stab that cop. but why? what's he ever did to me? nothing. i just -- i believe in karma. if you do good, good things happen. if you do bad, bad things come at you. i been in here so long that if i was to get to the street, i wouldn't even know how to act. >> how much time do you think you're going to spend more time in prison? >> i'll never get out. i'll never -- i'll never get out of prison. i'll be here for the rest of my life. they think that i'm going to flip out. they think i'm going to flip out and hurt somebody, you know? i go crazy every day, you know. just being here. do i think i'm going to hurt somebody? i mean, that's pretty much a fact.
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eventually it's going to end up happening. this is prison. i mean, this isn't -- this isn't kindergarten. i mean, not everybody gets along. >> today, chris shiverdecker has a hearing that could affect his custody level and security status. >> okay, christopher. you know why you're in here. >> yes, ma'am. >> all right. >> transfer custody review. >> initially, you were placed on level six because you posed a threat to the security of the institution. you self-admitted being in an altercation with another inmate and after a cell search, two homemade weapons were found in your cell. you do have an extensive history of violent behavior and assaults while incarcerated in oklahoma department of corrections. however, here you are an ideal inmate. based on your file, you can go back to the general population here in new mexico. we're going to do the recommendation to release you to level five.
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however, cbc, bureau is going to make ultimate decisions. do you have any other questions for us at this time? no? you want to go to level five? >> level two or level three. >> you want to go to gp? well, according to your file you can, so we'll see. okay? thank you. have a good day, all right? >> thank you. >> this is your paperwork. >> certainly he deserves to be moved because he has had clear conduct. since he's been here, he hasn't done anything. you know, he hasn't hurt anyone. and he is so small that he can slip his handcuffs, and he's shone us that. >> according to his file he's set up to go conduct -- his conduct report no behavior log notation. paperwise, he's eligible to be released from level six.
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>> our feeling is that we'd like to see them try to make it in a less restricted area, you know. that is our hope. >> shiverdecker's behavior in the coming weeks will help to determine whether or not he's transferred to a lower level. but even inmates in the prison's least restricted level two dorm still get out of control. >> who said that? who made that comment about that bitch? not going to take any disrespect to the staff. it's not your business what the caseworker does. so if i catch you to your face calling somebody a bitch, you'll go to level five or level six. do you understand me? it's a privilege to be in level two. this is a short-term facility. you have to have less than 2 1/2 years to be here. and so, you know, that's part of our responsibility is getting them ready to hit the street, go back home, be successful and not come back.
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you know, with the 18 years that i've spent working in the field of corrections, in the majority of that time with men, there's a respect factor that you get being female, especially in the state of new mexico. they view you as mom, sister, grandma, whatever. they feel like you're going to take care of them. that's how they view the female role. >> so i gave you urine. >> and it was dirty. >> no, it wasn't dirty. it wasn't dark pink. it was light pink, you know? >> i think that they think i'm a little more inclined to listen to what they have to say. >> i say you need to call the lieutenant or sergeant down here so we can get a second opinion. he didn't want to. he took the cup from me, took the top off, poured the pee down the toilet, and threw the cup in the trash. >> it's not the man-to-man thing
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where right away there is a line in the fact of, who is going to win? you certainly have the right to appeal the report if you've been found guilty. you haven't been found guilty, right? it works to my advantage, quite frankly, because they tend to listen to me. and i'm not saying two wrongs don't make a right, okay? but for somebody who hasn't had a report in 11 years and has a family visit in july, i kind of can't tell. you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> so i'd be walking a little bit straighter line. but we're always going to work through by policy. the end result is usually still the same, but the way they approach me is different than a male deputy warden. >> not all inmates respect the relative freedoms the level two dorm provides. getting caught for drugs, a rather prohibitive behavior. >> we received a kite this morning. basically in a kite, being a confidential note from an inmate that was left under the classification officer's door for the warden.
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basically saying that there are rigs, razor blades, knives all over. so what we've decided to do is restrict movement in the whole facility. we are going to conduct shakedowns. we have the dogs here. and they'll do the things that we're looking for. any contraband, of course, but also weapons, drugs. watch where you put your hands because if they have drugs, that means there are syringes there. we'll also be conducting interviews with inmates. that may have some information that they're willing to share with us. or otherwise inmates suspected of having drug activity here in the facility. we take every bit of information that we get seriously because they have the opportunity to hurt each other here. we know it's out there. so our mission is to find it. coming up next on "lockup: extended stay." the shakedown begins, and the tip pays off. >> i just found a syringe. >> and shiverdecker claims he
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so they're stripping the inmates before they're bringing them out of the units. then they're going to be relocated to the gym so we can begin the shakedowns in this particular area. we will run the dogs through to detect any narcotics that the dogs may pick up on. >> here, food, food, food. >> what rooms did you get a hit on? >> 402, 404, 419. >> we were supposed to go to the store today so we could get our food but we're stuck in here with some [ bleep ]. they want to see your [ bleep ]. lift up your sack, all types of [ bleep ].
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they just came in to shake us down. steal a bunch of [ bleep ]. mess everything up. go back, fix it up. same old thing. >> we lose a lot of stuff like that. our papers. our letters. our personal pictures. >> no smoking, no drugs. no nothing here. yeah, this is a safe zone. >> why we all got to pay for it? they all complain about making us do our own number. let us do our own number and stop taking everybody who gets in trouble and make everybody -- >> what's going on now? >> they're interviewing. they're probably going to ask if we know about drugs. we just tell them no comment, they get mad at us, and we come back.
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>> threaten to lock you up? >> yeah. >> you know something. you either tell us or go to the hole. well, let's go to the hole. >> felix lewis! >> yeah. >> here we go. let's see what they have to say about me. >> what's your name? >> felix lewis. >> what gang are you in, lewis? >> 18th street. >> you're 18th street? >> yeah. >> can you tell me about any drugs in the unit? >> nope. >> no. >> any gang activity going on in the unit? >> no, there is none of that at all. i don't bang or nothing. i'm too old for that. >> is there any violence pending? >> there's none. really this is probably one of the calmest, less tension places that i've been to so far. and i've been in every prison in new mexico. so it's not bad here. i like it.
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>> all right, lewis. take it easy. keep it safe, all right? >> all right, thank you. do i go back to the unit or -- >> no, go back in the gym. >> all right. >> well, the truth of the matter is that when you get them isolated, they will talk to you. i've had two inmates already give me information about what's going on in here. so this whole ideal that there's an inmate code or something isn't always true. there are people that will -- there are actually people in prison that want to do the right thing, that want to clean the place up. so we find those people. that's why we do interviews. >> after hours of investigation, officers score a big find in the dorms. proving the inmate tip-off was legitimate. >> i just found a syringe. it's a good find.
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i've got to go write a report right now. >> i found syringe on your property. >> on my property? >> yeah. tell him exactly where you found it. >> the officer found it in your cubicle, in your dresser in a hat. take off your shirt. >> are you a drug dealer? stand up. take it off all the way. and your other one. all right. you've got marks. >> that's from scrubbing in the shower. >> you've got marks. >> no, feel it. it's not marks. see? >> nope. >> i don't use.
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>> well, we found this in your property, so what that means is we're probably going to lock you up. >> i probably left it there. somebody was using it. come on now. >> so this was found in your hat and you're telling us that it's not yours. >> somebody must have set me up or something. >> so we'll give you a ua, will you be clean? >> i'm sure. >> i'm sorry? >> yeah, i should be clean. >> you should be. so there's a question about it. you said pretty sure. you're not for certain, right? >> well, i'm not sure. >> well, that means that you're using drugs. >> when is the last time that you used? >> in almost a month maybe. >> shoot up, smoke, what? >> shot up. >> shot of heroin. >> yes. >> so that's where you shot it right there, correct? >> yeah. >> who are you buying it from? >> i can't say that. are you crazy? >> strip him and ua him and see what we come up with. and we're going to lock you up. okay? >> all in all i think it was a successful day. i think we sent a message that we're not going to tolerate any drug use in this level two
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facility and if we find you doing that, especially if we find the paraphernalia, you're going to lock-up, and that's exactly what we did today. next on "extended stay" felix came up clean in the shakedown, but some fresh tattoos could get him locked up. >> i'm getting aimed at. i'm getting shook down more than anybody. all of a sudden, i've been getting picked on. of green coffee extract is now in our new starbucks refreshers™ -- a breakthrough in natural energy. made with real fruit, starbucks refreshers™ are delicious low calorie drinks you can feel good about. ♪ rethink how you re-energize. ♪ get a boost of natural energy with a new starbucks refreshers™, in three ways. natural energy from green coffee extract, only from starbucks.
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uniforms, education! >> hey! >> i'm gay, so -- openly gay. that's the way i live my life and i wasn't going to hide it. people took more of a liking to me, a trust to me. i wasn't considered a liar like somebody that's hiding it. you know, it's the distrust there. it's all about trusting in
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prison. oh, i've had some problems, yeah. i've had confrontations. i mean, don't get me wrong. i've had to fight. i've had to fight quite a few times. they respect you a lot more. stand up here on the chair. >> oh, i am not getting on my knees, honey. you've got me twisted. i'm not getting on my knees. i'm pretty much trying to keep my head, you know, you know above the water a little bit. that way i stay out of trouble. i stay out of the limelight. i always have to remember this isn't my life and it's going to be my life, and i want to leave. >> like peaches, every inmate hopes to reduce his security level status and enjoy more freedoms and privileges. these hopes can only become realities in committee. >> i'm going to the conference room with the warden for the committee to make sure that i'm able and capable and lower points and eligible for level one. hey!
8:24 pm
for level one. >> mr. morgan, come on in. >> i want to go to the front. it's a four-foot fence. you know, there's a gate on it. you can actually open it. it's pure freedom. >> mr. morgan, you know that i'm going to interview you today for a possible custody reduction from the level two facility that you're at now to level one. now i have a series of questions that i'd like to ask, okay? >> okay. >> all right. what's your projected release as you know it right now? >> it's 5/1/2011. >> okay. i know that you have three points, which qualifies you to be at level one facility. tell me what you know about the level one facility. >> it's a work facility, work camp. it's more freedom. and it's just able to walk outside and breathe the air whenever you want to do it. >> right. which is a privilege. >> right. it's a privilege that i feel i've earned.
8:25 pm
>> okay. >> in the long run. because county -- i've been in prison for a year and a half, but can the with county it's been almost 2 1/2 years. >> ever received a misconduct report in any of that time? >> no, ma'am. >> never have any problems with anybody? >> huh-uh. >> are you anxious? scared a little bit? >> scared and anxious, both. a little bit of both. >> okay. well, from all outward appearances and reviewing your file and talking with you, mr. morgan, i'll make my recommendation to the committee. and i think you are a very good candidate for level one. so the committee will give you the final decision. the recommendation will be made to central office to the classification bureau, and my recommendation will be that we send you to level one. >> all right. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> i appreciate it. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> whew. i click my heels together three times, and i'm on my way. this is like a bump in the road for me. that's perfect. i'm going home. yes. >> you're going home?
8:26 pm
>> some people, it's like hereditary. they stay here. >> right here, sir. >> lewis, myself, the deputy warden, the captain, needs to talk to you in the office, so come on down. >> felix lewis, when he first got here, we had given him a urine test and he came up positive for thc. basically came to me, told me that he would participate in substance abuse if i suspended the sanctions on that report. so i gave him a break. i suspended the sanctions for 180 days of clear conduct. it's my understanding now that he picked up a report on the weekend for tattooing. >> that's correct. >> at this point i want us to impose the sanctions from the misconduct report. i'm -- i want to see the tattoos. >> come on in. >> so show me the tattoos. >> put your sleeves up a little higher. >> where it's red? >> all these ones you could feel. >> right.
8:27 pm
>> those are notes, i guess they'd call them. >> first of all, i'm just disappointed. you know? >> okay. >> all we have in this world is our word, and you came to me and you said, i give you my word, you won't have any more problems with me. okay? and so -- and so then i hear that you're tattooing in the unit. >> okay. >> and i see evidence of that on your arm. you know? and so what am i to think? >> i'm getting aimed at. i'm getting shook down more than anybody. i'm getting my money counted more than anybody. all of a sudden, i've been getting picked on. >> somebody who has suspended sanctions and somebody who wants to be able to visit with their family and enjoy their daughter, that person should be walking a straight line around here, and i don't see you doing that. i don't. and that's why i'm disappointed. i mean, living in level two is a privilege, you know? i don't expect people to be tattooing or using drugs or
8:28 pm
smoking cigarettes or introducing contraband. that's not going to be tolerated here. and especially from somebody who's been given a break. >> and once again, felix, you know, no hard feelings, but i do believe that this facility isn't working for you right now. >> so if i'm found not guilty of this and then -- >> your status will change to -- pending transfer hold to level two, unless they decide to override you to three. >> i will not stay there six, seven months -- >> no. i guarantee you won't. >> that's not going to happen. >> well, pack up your stuff. you'll be going to level five. >> felix lewis is not being moved to a higher security level. he is being transferred to the level five facility, which acts as an administrative segregation within the penitentiary. coming up, felix attempts to clear his name. >> it's still red, like i told them.
8:29 pm
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republican presidential nominee mitt romney and louisiana governor bobby jindal toured parts of louisiana impacted by hurricane isaac on friday. the midwest welcomes the rain from hurricane isaac. and shares plunged to a new all-time low on wall street. now worth about half their initial value. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised.
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>> inmate chris shiverdecker was recently approved for a transfer out of level vi back to the lower level v. that was until today. >> shiverdecker when i escorted him he said to make sure they don't have -- he said to make sure that i didn't have a rookie with me when i came to pick him up from the yard. he said to make sure that i came. and then he said to watch myself today. >> and usually when he tells us something, we knew that there was business or there was something that was going to happen. >> his intention was to assault the inmate that was directly ahead of him. >> if i would have had it my way, she would have been dead. >> what happened? why? >> threatened my life and walk around. it's something i had to do. i didn't have a choice. >> what did you do? >> slipped the handcuffs and tried to get somebody. >> how?
8:34 pm
>> i just pop my thumb and slide it down. tried to rush the guy. the guy turned the corner and, i guess, was gone. and me and the sarge, the sarge grabbed me when i did it, wrestled and went to the ground. i just laid there and let him put the handcuffs on me, got up and walked to medical. >> after we took him to medical, he got stripped and he had a shank on him. >> what we have here is an improvised weapon that was removed from chris shiverdecker. he attempted to assault an inmate earlier today. shiverdecker claims he's had issues with one of our prison gangs that's been giving him some strife over the last couple weeks. he actually fabricated this out of a piece of a pencil sharpener. you could see the rivet right in there. and he attached a paper clip to it.
8:35 pm
and subsequently ran it back. put plastic cellophane around it and put a rubber band around it to make it more easy to handle, specifically when it gets full of blood if he were to slice somebody. >> how did you get the weapon out there? >> how did i get it out there today? put it in my mouth. >> the officers that were escorting this individual were able to maintain control of him through the use of the restraint strap. this is a weapon that could be used to inflict serious bodily harm. you know, so they did a good job today. >> i don't just go and try to hurt somebody for no reason. i don't go looking for trouble. i just want to do my time and i want to do my time in peace, you know. if people leave me alone, i'll leave them alone. i don't bother nobody. you're not going to hear me yelling, screaming, kicking the door. i don't do stuff like that. >> were you provoked today? >> i've been provoked for over a year. this has been building and building and building and building.
8:36 pm
i mean, sometimes this is the only way people listen. >> hello, shiverdecker. >> how are you doing? >> i'm the deputy warden. >> how are you doing, sir? >> good. how are you? >> i've been out for the last two days straight because of this. it's not something that you can just go to the cops and say, hey, man, i feel like somebody is going to kill me. you can help me? then you're going to have a lot more problems than you've already got. sometimes you feel like, hey, somebody's going to harm you. you've got to harm them before they harm you, period, you know? >> all right. do me a favor. go do your guys' interviews and come up and we'll see where we are going to put this guy. we'll leave him in medical for a while. see what they say. there's two things i'm concerned with. one, he's approved or he's being recommended to go to level five. he may not want to go. because he's got problems and he's paranoid. so this may have been kind of a pc move.
8:37 pm
i don't know if that's truth or not. the other thing is, well, maybe they do want to get him. i know they don't like him. but is he fabricating weapons because they really want to come and get him, or is he just doing it because he's shiverdecker? >> the security threat intelligence unit interviews other level vi inmates to determine what was really behind shiverdecker's actions. meanwhile, chris is moved to a new cell. >> you have to lose some damn weight. you damn near crushed me. >> what did you guys find out object mr. guardino? >> gaurdino wasn't going to be just a victim. there is reason to believe that he was potentially going to be the aggressor. and shiverdecker knew it and it was basically i'm going to get you before you get me type of situation. unfortunately for chris shiverdecker, the other inmate is a known associate of one of our validated prison gangs. which basically means that he not only now has a problem with that individual, he has a problem with the rest of them as
8:38 pm
well. >> it's always a tough situation when you try to assault another inmate. there's going to be some repercussions somewhere down the line as far as what he's going to do or what somebody's going to try to do to him, so he's going to experience some problems in prison. >> this is the end of the line. this is level six. so he's not going to leave this prison. all the bad apples are here. still ahead, the deputy warden tries to convince shiverdecker to reveal how he slips his cuffs. >> [ bleep ] my safety net. plus, davon tries to help felix beat his tattoo charges. >> i'm being targeted. i'm being picked on, and it sucks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] its lightweight construction makes it nimble...
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still waiting for the final verdict on his transfer to a lower-level prison, peaches keeps himself busy with his in prison charity work. >> when we do that, you know about the sanctions. >> yeah, yeah. conduct and everything? >> conduct, yeah. what happens if you don't. what happens? they did a random ua on a bunch of people. a lot of dirty uas. failure to do uas. so i'm the in-house attorney so they don't go to lockdown. >> he's a good representative. he's got a lot of them dismissed or dropped or suspended sanctions. i took that one and then i gave one, i think, not even 24 hours later. and it was clean. and that was one when i couldn't pee. i tried three times and i just couldn't. i had peed before i went over there.
8:43 pm
>> i was pretty much appointed by all the inmates to do it. probably because i'm educated. i know what's going on. i'll go ahead and put in the paperwork showing that i'll represent you. since you gave 24 hours prior -- >> 24 hours after? >> after. >> since you did that and then you're clean on that one and then we can probably get the suspension changed, like 30 days or 30 to 90 days you'll be sanctioned. >> that's cool. >> i enjoy what i'm doing. i enjoy helping people. it keeps my day busy. >> but peaches isn't the only game in town. davon lymon heads to level v to represent his friend felix lewis in his hearing about a tattoo charge. >> we have a hearing today. an inmate had a misconduct report for a -- for tattooing. he had a fresh tattoo. this is a regularly scheduled hearing. state of new mexico. being heard on 56-08 on case
8:44 pm
number -- my name is michelle boyer. i'm the hearing officer. >> my name is felix lewis. 56056. >> do you wish to be assisted by a staff member or another inmate? >> yes, davon lymon. >> do you need an interpreter to assist you in presenting your defense? >> si, no. no. >> do you wish to call any witnesses for testimony as well that would not be cumulative in this case? >> there's no witnesses. >> you've been charged with category 8, paragraph 30, tattooing and/or tattooing or paraphernalia. do you admit or deny it? >> i deny it. >> do you wish to present your version or do you wish to remain silent? >> my version, i was in the unit and i was called out. they told me that they've received information that i had received new tattoos. they asked me if that was true. i said no. so i stripped for them, and they seen my tattoo right here that
8:45 pm
has red ink in it, and they said that it was a new tattoo. i told them to look more closely, that it was red ink. and they were insistent that it was new. four days later, i'm in the hole. phd second major, my whole time being down. never had a major before the last one. but i don't understand why i'm locked down and still they said the redness was evidence that my tattoo was new. and it's still red. because it's red ink. there's nothing i could do to change that red ink. >> do you or your representative have any motions or considerations to present? >> his arm is still red. >> so your motion is? >> to dismiss it.
8:46 pm
>> stick your arm out here. how come it looks like you've been scratching it? >> i haven't been scratching it. my whole arm is dry. i just don't got no -- just don't got no lotion. look. i'm telling you. >> any considerations? >> consider -- what do you mean? >> any considerations -- considerations would be if i were to find you guilty, you'd want me to take something into consideration that you had clear conduct or you're a model inmate. >> i don't know about being a model inmate, but if you look, in eight years, i've never had a major report except for one. i don't have an extensive disciplinary history.
8:47 pm
i'm being singled out. i'm being targeted. i'm being picked on, and it sucks. >> okay. i'll review the evidence, the report and your testimony and make my decision. my decision subject to the review and revision by the deputy warden. the deputy warden may approve or reduce or modify or reverse my decision. do you understand? >> yes. >> do you understand everything that has been explained to you during the course of this hearing? >> yes. >> at 2:30 p.m. on 5/6/08, the hearing is completed. you are hereby excused from this hearing. >> it dismissed? >> not yet. i've got to go make -- i've got to go review all this. his best-case scenario is that i dismiss the report. his worst-case scenario is he'll stay in the hole for those suspended sanctions on top of whatever i give him and then he'll lose good time. i'm really not sure at this point. i have ten working days to make my decision. the deputy warden has five working days to sign it and five working days to serve him.
8:48 pm
>> am i going to get shut up if i go out there? >> we're going to try to keep you safe. >> okay? 410 tower. >> the day peaches has been waiting for has finally arrived. he is about to receive the final verdict in his request for a transfer to a lower-level prison. >> how's it going today, kenneth? >> good. >> mr. morgan, we called you in today to give you the results of the committee action. the decision made by the classification bureau on the recent committee that was held in the review that was done for your possible transfer to a level i facility. unfortunately at this point, the classification bureau is not willing to approve the transfer because of the time frame still left. your projected release date. we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know. >> okay. so how long until i can reapply again? >> patrick? >> about six months. we'll go ahead and review.
8:49 pm
re-evaluate you. make sure in between now and then, you don't pick up any reports. and keep earning your good time. we'll get you there eventually. we really will. i'll work really hard to get you there. >> do you have any other questions for us? >> no, no. >> all right. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> thanks. >> the classification bureau will review inmates that don't meet the time criteria, but he's a model inmate here, so we referred him early, and they took into consideration all of our criteria that we recommended him and have decided not to override or consider him for early transfer. >> i'm pissed because i want to go to the farm, but there's nothing i can do about it. they have the ball in their court. i mean, i just can't walk out. so i'll be patient and wait till they let me go. >> but rather than give up all hope, peaches gets back to business as usual.
8:50 pm
>> this is my job for the day. i make a certain amount of money an hour. >> how much are you talking about? >> how much hourly? 75 cents. 75 cents an hour. but there's more that get paid better, but that's why we have the farm. the farm. you get like $1.25 to $1.50 an hour there. >> peaches, look around you. look how close you are to the front gate. >> uh-huh. >> how does it make you feel? >> the front gate is open, too. i'm here to do my time. you get a lot more years if you run. that's not where i want to go. i'm not here that long. i'm not worried about all that. i'm worried about getting home. i have family. it's a tedious job. somebody's got to do it though. i could just be sitting inside though all day long. next, felix and joni have a heart to heart.
8:51 pm
>> i guess this is a reality check. >> yes. >> and shiverdecker gives the rookie officer some friendly advice. >> if i feel like i'm in a bad situation. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? on my driver's seat. this is my car. who are you? i'm the second owner. the what? i will own this car after you. look, i'm not telling you how to drive our car. our car? if you're gonna have a latte in the car, keep a lid on it. it's a cappuccino. still needs a lid. [ male announcer ] the highest-quality cars plus an exceptional certified pre-owned program. good news for the second owner. take care of my car! [ male announcer ] experience the summer of audi event by september 4th with 1.9% apr for 60 months and a complimentary first month's payment on certified pre-owned audi models.
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8:54 pm
chris shiverdecker is now a permanent occupant of level six. his ability to slip his cuffs makes him not only dangerous, but a potential educational resource for new officers. >> stop right there. we know you're able to remove your restraints. we want to see if you'll show us a demonstration of how you do it or not. >> no. >> why not? >> this is prison. this is not a playground. >> we want to train these officers on what to look out for. you can be a vital training opportunity here. we've got an officer in here.
8:55 pm
he knows who you are. he knows what you're capable of. and i just have one question for you, why won't you participate in assisting -- >> because it's my safety net. it's my [ bleep ] safety net. >> well, i understand that. but if you can do it, you can do it. >> well, that's my safety net. that's my safety net, you know. i don't [ bleep ] do it just to do it, you know? >> uh-huh. so is this relatively easy for you to do? does it matter how the restraints are put on? >> not really. >> you are double jointed? do you pop your thumb to do it? >> it just depends. i mean. >> so you're telling me if i put those handcuffs on you, you can get out of them? >> if i don't like what's going on, of course, i'm going to do it. you know what i'm saying? i mean, if i feel like i'm in a bad situation and if i have to go through you to save my own ass, then so be it, that's what i'm going to do, you know? sometimes i don't have a choice. >> i'm just asking you for training purposes with this new officer, would you be willing to show us how you do it?
8:56 pm
no? >> all right, christopher. talk about your hair. what happened? >> it was long enough so i could cut it off. so i could send it out. >> to? >> locks of love, to the kids who have cancer. you have to wait till you have ten inches. once it grew, i cut it off. >> why though? >> why? why did i do it? i don't know. it's something to do. i mean -- i don't know how you put it. karma. you do bad, you've got to do something good to [ bleep ] level it out. i mean that's the way i see it. >> go ahead and restrain him. >> make that a little bit tighter. hold up, shiverdecker. hold up. check this out.
8:57 pm
if you can put your finger in there, it's too loose. see how loose it was? >> yes, sir. you can still slip that darn cuff, can't you? >> hey, am i getting out of here? >> i found felix lewis guilty. i gave him 15 days seg and 30 days off for good time. >> it's still red like i told them. >> the charges were it didn't look new to me but i took into account i'm not an expert on tattoos. >> it's just the ink. i'm not going to fight it no more, you know what i mean? if i had more time and no family or nothing, i'd probably try to
8:58 pm
appeal it and stay here and be stubborn and try to win that. but when 15 days is done, i just want to get out of here. >> what day did i sign off on? you have 15 days? >> yeah, 15 days. but i got here on the 30th. >> let me talk to the unit manager over here and let him know that i signed off on the report if we can get your status changed if that's what you're eligible for. i mean, i understand. yeah, if this doesn't do it for you and then i'm happy to -- >> that's what i had to see through glass. >> that's not fun. >> no, it wasn't. she was putting her arms out to me and wanted me to grab her, and she's never been to a visit behind glass. and it was hard. >> well, that picture right there, you need to keep that in your mind all of the time. >> all right. any time i ever done time, i
8:59 pm
have never done time with a kid or -- >> right. >> with a family. >> it makes a difference. you're not the only one that you have to think about anymore. >> i didn't realize that until now. it's harder than i thought. >> well, i'm glad. like i said, it's a reality check. >> it is a reality check. but, yeah. >> let me talk to your unit manager so we can get you going on whatever the decision is going to be. pth, mini transfer to another facility. okay? >> all right. >> thank you. ♪ doing time can't provide for my babies ♪ ♪ my lady is being strong but i can't help her out none ♪ ♪ the system [ bleep ] ♪ losing my mind while i'm wasting my time ♪ ♪ because i was on the grind ♪ no surprise you would try a glass pipe ♪


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